Login Help
If you are having difficulty logging in to the Convergys Portal, you may wish to check the following items:

1.) The portal requires the use of Internet Explorer release 5.5 or higher with a Cipher Strength of 128 bit encryption. You can check your browser version by going to the "Help" menu, and clicking on "About Internet Explorer".

2.) Be sure that you are typing in the full URL address (I.E. https://mycvg.convergys.com, https://ci.convergys.com) in the address bar instead of the shortcut (I.E. mycvg, ci).

3.) If you get a message stating "You have Exceeded the Maximum Attempts to log in." You can reset this by restarting Internet Explorer. Type in the full URL address in the address bar. Then clicking on the Change Password' link and changing your password.

4.) If you get a message stating "Invalid Username or Password was specified". See the steps below for possible causes.
  1. Your 'CAPS LOCK' may be on. Username and passwords are case sensitive. Be sure that 'CAPS LOCK' is turned off!
  2. If you are a Lotus Notes user, be sure that you are registered in the Employee Confidential (Blueface) dB.
  3. Be sure that you are using proper capitalization when typing in username and password.

5.) If you cannot remember the answer to your Portal Challenge question. Contact your manager to have it reset
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